Proving That Online Coupon Advertising Still Works

One of the most successful online advertising tactics is couponing. According to the A.C. Nielson Co., 60% of shoppers actively search for coupons, which is much easier to do online. Additionally, 95% of all shoppers are accepting of coupon advertisements, and, according to, 75% of coupons users say the coupons had at least some influence on their decision to purchase a new product. This means that advertisements with coupons are less likely to be ignored by consumers.

Of all the coupon distribution channels available, online coupon advertising has seen the biggestgrowth over the past few years:

The link between online advertising and online shopping cannot be overlooked; both areincreasing at a rapid pace. For advertisers, this means that their advertising dollars need to be spent wisely, in a way that provides relevant offers to new and existing consumers. Couponing is a measurable and proven advertising technique that is a still a very relevant way to guarantee results.

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